Thefts Surging in Los Angeles

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June 11, 2024

The incidence of thefts impacting residences and businesses in key areas across Greater Los Angeles has seen a rise of approximately 10% between 2022 and 2023. Prominent regions experiencing heightened theft activity include Hollywood, Central, Wilshire, Pacific, and West Los Angeles, where many of the city’s renowned tourist destinations are situated, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica Pier. Most recently, on Easter Sunday 2024, thieves absconded with up to $30 million from a money storage facility in Los Angeles. Located in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley, this incident marked one of the largest cash heists in the city’s history. 

In response to the overall increase in violent crime across Greater Los Angeles, the LAPD has deployed hundreds of additional police officers for foot patrols. Concurrently, elected officials and local authorities have endeavored to boost the morale and retention rates of police officers by implementing pay raises and larger bonuses over the past two years.

Despite these efforts, a significant portion of these crimes persist, particularly on city streets, in single and multi-unit residences, department stores, and other commercial establishments. The predominant recorded incidents over the past two years have primarily consisted of petty theft, motor vehicle theft, and grand theft.

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