Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations in New York City

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January 22, 2024

Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated into a hot war on Oct. 7, 2023, demonstrations have been taking place in major cities across the world. New York City has been a major focal point of unrest, where thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators continue to take part in mass protests, walk-outs, and motor caravans across the city’s five boroughs. There were a total of 147 recorded incidents in New York City over the past three months, beginning from eight occurrences in October 2023 to 80 confirmed disturbances in December 2023.

Approximately 61% of these incidents were reported in Manhattan, followed by 16% in Brooklyn, then 15% in Queens. New York University (NYU) and Bryant Park saw the most disruptions, where a total of seven gatherings have been reported. Other notable locations for protest activity include Union Square, Washington Square Park, and Columbus Circle. While pro-Israel advocacy groups have also seen steady activity throughout New York City, the overall number of pro-Israel participants and the frequency of pro-Israeli gatherings across all boroughs within the city are much smaller by comparison.

The NYPD continues to deploy thousands of officers to ensure that public order is maintained during these protests as pro-Palestinian advocacy groups, including Within Our Lifetime, Samidoun, and Decolonize This Place, press on with calls for mass demonstrations on social media platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, and X. Hundreds of arrests have been made by authorities, most commonly for offenses such as blocking traffic and access to key roads and bridges.

Thus far, direct, large-scale clashes between the two groups have been averted due in part to the strategic deployment of large numbers of local law enforcement, and the placement of officers at key locations that successfully separate the two sides. Yet, as a consequence of these prolonged mass gatherings, localized disruptions to roads and transportation hubs have become increasingly common, as protesters are increasingly targeting key areas such as Grand Central Station, roadways in the vicinity of the United Nations complex, and access points to bridges crossing the East River.

As pro-Palestinian demonstrators continue to call for the U.S. government to halt its support for Israel Defense Forces as part of the ongoing conflict in the region, sustained protest activity by pro-Palestinian advocacy groups is expected to continue across New York City in early 2024.

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